• add new rules to gitignore
  • Add repo-pattern usages examples in the doc
  • filter repositories in search results
  • set up tests for newer versions of python
  • Refresh python’s versions and their usages
  • Redirect project’s home page


  • add settings so travis can publish releases
  • update urls in docs after github org move
  • fix the reference to undefined function in link formatter
  • Fix issues
  • Refactor pipelines
  • [doc] refresh oslo examples


  • use correct form of affirmative boolean value for ignore case


  • add link formatter for producing links to online copies of source
  • add a few examples to the user docs
  • add python-openstackclient integration
  • ignore build directory


  • add source and doc links to the readme
  • fix the documentation build
  • pep8 fixes
  • use formattable column for before and after
  • refactor before/after handling in grep output
  • write grep formatter output to stdout handle given
  • add a pseudo-grep output formatter
  • ignore coverage output directory
  • add –context-lines option
  • add options for controlling query parameters
  • remove superfluous functions from import of hound query func
  • remove extra whitespace from lines in the output
  • implement basic search command
  • make the doc build work
  • stub in basic cliff application
  • add basic README to get started